Friday, December 13, 2013

Ok, so as you can well tell I have been out of it for a while. Been handling some family issues. Thank you so much for being so loyal to our blog! I am finally back. We will soon be discussing some more prepping ideas and such. If you have anything you would like to add, then please feel free to add away! If you would like to send me a message then click here. Thanks again and have a blessed day!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

            Not sure what everyone else has been feeling and seeing on the news and such, but I believe we are close to a disaster on a global scale. Around here this summer heat hasn't been bad at all. I am hoping for a very cold winter. I have noticed all the talk about Syria and us striking back. This truly scares me. For one, if we strike then someone else is going to strike then... all out WORLD WAR. The United States and its people survived twice already but now there is a lot more people in this world and I fear we will see much more devastation here on our own soil. Here, where we should feel safe and free, I fear we will no longer be safe or free. We might feel and be better off if we PREPARE!!!! I have tried stressing to several people that they need to prepare their families for some kind of disaster, whether natural or man made. I have been shocked by the sheer numbers that have DECIDED they are going to SURVIVE if and when something happens. I have watched as people I have known for years, that used to tease and put me down for "PREPPING" actually begin to prep. This is wonderful news to me. I now know they have a fighting chance to make it if and when something happens.

         My family and I have been adding to our preps. We have been canning more and adding to our weapons. Also we have been stocking up on a few things that we can't just go without. One of the best things you can do is not waste your hard earned money and your precious time by buying up a lot of guns and ammo and other weapons without learning to use them properly.
We have 2 hand guns and 2 rifles for hunting. We also have several survival knives and a couple of bow and arrows. While we have these few weapons, they are of no use to us unless we know how to use them. So, here is my advice, if you know someone who will teach you and your family gun safety ask them for help, if not find someone in your area who gives classes, and by all means take the whole family. After all, everyone needs some good instruction and direction.
    Take the time to learn how to preserve your food, handle your weapons and learn how to live without the day to day electronics that we use every day. Figure out how you and your family can best survive without all these things. Make your family aware that if something happens and you have to leave, they will know where to meet you or where to go all on their own. If they are being a hard nut to crack, keep preaching to them and pray that they will eventually come around and start helping themselves as well.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Prepping In General

           First off your gonna need a plan. You'll need a plan for stocking up on food, water, medical supplies, weapons, sanitary items, pet supplies, and other essentials. You will also need a bug out plan.

           Lets start with food. You can start off by adding a few extra items each week  in your grocery list. DON'T get just anything, get foods that your family enjoy and like eating. Also buying mylar bags (be sure you have some oxygen absorbers) and some food storage buckets and containers. You can store sugar, salt, flour, corn meal, beans, and spices in them.
            For your water needs, you need water for two separate uses. First is for drinking and second is for washing. For drinking water you need some mylar water bags. Just fill the bags and seal, and you have clean drinking water. Find some rodent proof containers to store your water bags in. For your cleaning water, regular tap water will do, just add one cap full of bleach per gallon. That's all you have to do and you'll have clean water to wash with. Be sure your water containers are separated and marked. If storing water is a problem, then get a water filter. This will be used to filter your drinking water and cooking water. You can use the water that you've cleaned with to water your garden.
             Medical supplies are another necessity. Along with your first aide kit, you will also need, any daily medication you or a family member takes on a regular basis. You'll also need:
                 headache meds, tooth ache meds, pepto bismol, nyquil, dayquil, alcohol, peroxide, benadryl, splints, triple anti biotic ointment or cream, medical tape, scissors, needle and thread, alcohol wipes, campo phenique, ace bandages, saftey pins, gauze, tweezers, betadine, diarrhea pills, rash cream, band aides, anti itch cream, hand sanitizer, q-tips, cotton balls, liquid band aides, burn cream, heart burn pills, tournicate, anitbiotics, caladryl, shoe strings, leather straps, and a small surgical kit.
                Sanitary items may include trash bags small and large, bleach, vodka, vinegar, soap, laundry detergent, dish detergent, shampoo, deodorant, all purpose cleaner, pads and tampons, tooth brush and tooth paste, mouth wash, floss, toilet paper, and paper towels.
                Weapons. In this category just figure in a couple of good hunting rifles, a pistol, and a couple of good hunting knives. (See section titled Weapons).
                 Our pets are most often members of our family. Lets not forget about them. Pack a bag for them, all medications they need on a daily basis, extra food, water, collars and leashes, flea and tick control products, and wormer medicine.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Beyond our control?

There are many things that are "beyond our control", but lets just think for a second.
If it is beyond your control why try to stop it? Why not PREPARE for it instead?
We can't stop natural disasters but we can have a plan just in case one happens.
A few are tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding, and earth quakes. Now you may sit there and say this will NEVER happen to me or my family, but the fact is, that it can happen to you and your family.A way to prepare for this is to have a few extra things around. Such as: food, enough for all the members of your family for at least a week. I believe it is best to have enough for a month, but a week works just as well. It  will come in extremely handy. If going out and buying all at one time is a problem for you financially try this. Go and buy for one day for one person then just build up on that. This has helped me in the past. Also you will absolutely need water, each person needs around 2 to 3 gallons a day. This is for cooking and washing and drinking as well. You will need a first aid kit, which you can find located in the "FIRST AID" tab. I will put some smaller ones there as well. These will be good for just a single person or a small family group. Now, you will also need cleaning supplies. No one wants to live in filth while your waiting for help to come, right? So you will also need, trash bags-small and large, bleach, vinegar, dish detergent, laundry detergent, soap, just to name a few. I think these are most important because of the anti-bacterial properties in them.

Do you have anything you want to add?

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I am so saddened by the effects of Hurricane Isaac. Just think of all the people injured and possibly dead. Our prayers go out for their families and friends. Think of all the people still left stranded and have no food or     clean water, no access to toiletries, no sanitation. My heart goes out to these families. It is so important to have extra food and clean water stored in your house. I'm not talking about a years worth for every person, although that would be ideal, but at least enough for a month just in case of something like this happening to you or your children, your loved ones deserve the chance to live. With extra supplies just lying around you are guaranteed to have a fighting chance to make it thru most anything.